One of the Services of TIE UPS International (TIE UPS) is Collaborations.

TIE UPS is equipped with a team of young and dynamic professionals having 10+ years of Academic experience in establishing “academic” collaboration with universities /institutions based globally. Using this diverse experience, TIE UPS assists Universities and Institutions primarily in India, Indonesia and other South East Asian Nations to collaborate on areas of mutual interest.

The areas of interest is not limited to:

  • Credit Transfer Programs
  • Dual Degree Programs
  • Exchange Programs
  • Twinning Programs
  • Joint Research / Seminar and others

TIE UPS administers the entire process of:

  • Establishing link with areas of common interest
  • Administers in “continuous communication”
  • Assists in establishing “MoU”
  • Assists in the implementation of MoU based on the area of interest.

TIE UPS has already assisted quite a number of Universities / Institutions both in India and Indonesia to establish MoU and also implemented the same.

For details, inquiries, interests please contact:

Email:  /

WA/Call: +628159947794 / +628116337794