Tours (Study, Cultural, Immersion)

Tours (Study, Cultural, Summer, Immersion)

Another service or Business Verticals of TIE UPS International (TUI) is Tours (Study, Cultural, Summer, Immersion).

TUI organizes customized Tours (Study, Cultural, Summer, Immersion) based on the needs and objectives of the said Institution / University. The duration of such tours depends on its objectives and can vary anywhere between 3 days to 1 months.

The services include (not limited to)::

  • To cover complete aspects of Trip (Visa, Ticketing, Airport Transfers, Accommodation, Logistics, Industrial Visits, Embassy Visits, Cultural Tour, Food and others)
  • To accompany the group during the scheduled tour.

In 2017, TUI will be offering this service for the first time. It is scheduled based on the demands of the respective Institution / University.

For details, inquiries, interests please email: or WA: +628159947794