Mission and Goals


TIE UPS International (TUI) aims to achieve the following Goals:

  • To establish Collaboration between Indian Universities and South East Asian nations (including Indonesia) Schools
  • To establish collaboration between Indian and South East Asian nations (including Indonesia) Universities in areas but not limited to following: Credit Transfer Program, Dual Degree Program, Twinning Program, Exchange Programs, Twinning Programs, Joint Research, Joint Seminar and like
  • To Recruit students from Indonesia to study in India
  • To organize Educational Fairs of India in South East Asia (including Indonesia) with a view to enhance the brand of India in the field of Education
  • To arrange School Visits and Forums so that more Individuals could understand India as an Education Hub of World.
  • To organize Tours which are customized depending on the needs / objective and could take forms of Educational, Study, Cultural and Immersion programs.


It is the mission of TIE UPS International (TUI) to link South East Asia (including Indonesia) and India in the field of education and also through its passionate team it would like to assist Middle Class South East Asian families (including Indonesia) to seek Quality Education at Affordable Cost.