Mission and Goals


  • Promote BRAND INDIA in the field of Education in ASEAN (including Indonesia)
  • Enhance Collaborative Education links between Institutions (Schools, Universities, and others) between INDIA and ASEAN (including Indonesia)
  • Assist Middle Class families through its passionate team to seek Quality Education at Affordable Cost


TIE UPS International (TIE UPS) aims to achieve the following Goals:

  • To establish Collaboration between Schools and Universities  of INDIA and ASEAN (including Indonesia)
  • To establish Collaboration between Indian and Association of South East Asian Nations (including Indonesia) Universities in areas but not limited to following: Credit Transfer Program, Dual Degree Program, Twinning Program, Exchange Programs, Twinning Programs, Joint Research, Joint Seminar and like
  • To Recruit students from Indonesia to study in India
  • To organize Educational Fairs of India in Association of South East Asian Nations (including Indonesia) with a view to enhance the brand of India in the field of Education
  • To arrange School Visits and Forums so that more Individuals could understand India as an Education Hub of World.
  • To organize Tours which are customized depending on the needs / objective and could take forms of Educational, Study, Cultural and Immersion programs.